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tanya maxwell


Tanya’s practice in 3D design evolved from a background in textiles and physical theatre. Tactile and bionomic forms made mostly from rescued wood, bone and fibres and is reflective of the immersive experience of gathering and making in the wilds. 

Her making is a series of gestures, weaving stories between presence and absence. 


Tanya undertook a collaborative Arts Tasmania Peter Dombrovskis Wilderness Residency on Maria Island during 2015/16 and completed a 3rd year major in 3D Design at TCoTA in 2016.  Her work has been shown at the Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne, Design Tasmania in Launceston and The Long Gallery, Moonah Arts Centre, Rosny Barn, Hobart Town Hall, Henry Jones Design and Art Hotel, Wild Island Tasmania, Entrepot and Kingborough Community Hub in Hobart.





Near Rainbow Valley

water color ink on paper 220mm x 140mm

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